The Insurance Innovation Initiative​​

Fostering product innovation and risk syndication​


The Insurance Innovation Initiative is an effort to modernize and improve the way insurance is developed and sold. A group of people and companies who are actively pushing past the boundaries of traditional approaches to insurance to make the world a better place.

The world has changed radically over the past 10 years, and new kinds of insurance products are needed to protect it
The world is dramatically under-insured, which makes it more difficult for people to take the appropriate risks
The world is connected, which means that people can play a more active role in managing their risk, with the right tools

As a result, we believe that insurance will become more precise, more available, and more effective. This initiative is being incubated by the Internet of Insurance, and participates in the following activities:

  1. Product innovation: Creating new products that are sorely needed by customers and bringing them to market

  2. Modernization: Making the industry a friendly place for generations that have grown up with world-class technology a key part of their life

  3. Education: Creating new and better ways to help policyholders understand their risk and the role insurance can play in improving their lives