Support for all Current ACORD Forms and Upgraded Instant Quoting

The Internet of Insurance Account Builder beta just got a massive upgrade in preparation for its upcoming launch — now supporting 875 ACORD forms! Agents can now use the Account Builder to create whatever documents they need for quoting. And the Account Builder now supports automatic quoting from API-connected carriers. 

ACORD Form Reading

The Internet of Insurance now supports uploading and automatic intake of 875 different ACORD forms. The data can then be used for other forms, instant quoting, or to simply keep for later.  Whenever an agent creates a new client, they’ll also be able to upload ACORD forms to jumpstart the data input process.

Automatic ACORD Form Creation

Agents can now select which ACORD forms they would like to complete from within the Account Builder. All the questions for that form will then be added to a queue for the Agent to work on and send to the Customer. When ready, the Agent can auto-generate the filled ACORD, add it to the account documents, and download it on-demand for reference.

Customer Form Support

Alongside ACORD forms, we’re also supporting the creation of custom forms. If you would like to learn more about custom forms please contact our Customer Success team at:

Instant Quote Generation

With all of the customer’s data gathered in one place, Agents can now generate instant quotes in real-time by simply selecting the desired carriers and clicking “Get quotes”.

And we’re thrilled to announce that instant quoting for the Builders Risk line of business provided by The Cincinnati Insurance Company is now live on the Internet of Insurance.

Everybody Gets a Storefront!

All Agency users now have the ability to create personal storefronts, from which their leads can kickstart the intake process. All Agency users now have complete control over their leads and marketing. Only the storefronts that belong to the user will show up under the “My Storefronts” heading.

Faster and More Efficient Experience

By converting the Internet of Insurance into a single page application, everything is faster and more seamless for all users.

Coming Soon

You might have noticed a few other changes in the app; we have some powerful tools we’ll be launching soon. We’re building the backbone for customized programs and previewing some of those features in the Internet of Insurance now. 

If you have any questions or need help navigating the changes, please feel free to contact our Customer Success team at

You can also live chat with the team live in the product during our business hours — 9AM-5PM CST, Monday through Friday.