Whatever your agency’s speciality,
grow it like crazy with the Internet of Insurance.

2020 is a pivotal year for insurance, and an emerging trend is the expansion of programs. Focusing on growing a niche, agents are able to utilize their tech and relationships to run very successful programs with their carriers.

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The Internet of Insurance accelerates agency programs by providing the technology agents need to connect to their carriers and their customers.


The Program Tech Stack

Automation focused sales tools, so agents and carriers can handle high volume. 

Automated customer experience, so customers can access agents anytime, anywhere and get the service they expect.

Value focused presentation, to highlight the differentiated value-adds that come with the program.

Digital carrier connections, to provide fast quotes to the customer.

Integrated alternate processing for submissions, so customers that don’t fit the mold aren’t left twiddling their fingers.

Agency Copilot

This is where powerful new data, automatic E&O documentation, and the elimination of grunt work all comes together to make an amazing experience for agencies.

Submissions are the linchpin of the insurance process, and the Internet of Insurance is the best-in-class submission platform. It’s cloud-based, mobile-friendly and designed with our agency council to improve on existing agency workflows.

Welcome to the future, welcome to the Internet of Insurance.

Agency Storefronts

The digital world expects to take action immediately, not to schedule a meeting or make a phone call. We make immediate action possible. Insurance is all about relationships, and this is how you supercharge your customer experience.

We’ve built a platform that gives every agent the digital customer experience that was previously only available to the very largest agencies because they cost millions of dollars to build. Agents are using our Storefronts to attract new business as well as maintain a close relationship with existing clients.

Welcome to the future, welcome to the Internet of Insurance

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