Login-free quoting

With login-free quoting, carriers don’t have to change anything about how they work with their agents until they’re ready. They can simply respond to emails, send attachments, and request documents all using our email integration. 

With this change, the Internet of Insurance now supports sending submissions to all carriers for all lines of business. And as we continue to fully onboard carriers, they’ll be able to take advantage of all the features that help carriers write more business with more confidence.

Login-free carrier quoting

Carriers can now assign underwriters, send quotes, and decline all through email without needed to login to the Internet of Insurance. Adding these next steps means that carriers can jump right in without changing their current workflows. 

Login-free collaboration

Now all users can reply to emails and have their reply go into the collaboration. This will also trigger an email to participants that can be replied to and entered into collaboration. Users are able to discuss submissions without ever logging into the app!

Improved updates

Reworked updates in collaboration now clearly convey who did a specific action and what time they did it. 

Collaboration as an audit log

With every email now being entered into collaboration and improved updates, collaboration now functions as an audit log for both carriers and agencies.

Full width collaboration

With email replies being added into the system, you’ll have the freedom to exchange much longer messages if needed. To make those easy to use in the app, we’ve added full width viewing of messages.

Email notification preferences

With these changes, you will be receiving more emails as you collaborate and work on submissions. To keep your notifications from getting out of hand, we’ve added the ability for you to customize the notifications that you have in place.

The Internet of insurance is your single-entry to multi-carrier submission platform.

We’re adding more lines for automated quoting by the day, and this email integration means that any carrier can use the Internet of Insurance.